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New features of AxisVM X7


Smart command and search

Intelligent solutions are in focus: Smart command & search line is a versatile tool at the creation, during modification and at the evaluation phase of your model as well.

Access commands directly through the command line, search and select objects based on multiple criteria, like properties, parameters, analysis result values and more

Expanded section library

Section library is expanded once again, adding five new parametric cross-sections.

Crossed I section is also available from the composite sections as well.

Member eccentricities

Eccentricity is at the center of attention

The new feature provides a great variety of options to set member eccentricities automatically.

Haunched corners, tapered members, rafter-purlin connections? Whatever the case is, model it with ease using the new tools.

Changes in cross-sections? An automatic update of eccentricities got you covered as well.

Widened range of properties can be transported through the Tekla-AxisVM interface

We still have some more important updates to share with you.

Need some SUPPORT for the Tekla-AxisVM interface?

AxisVM X6 introduces new possibilities for the Tekla BIM interface by expanding the list of handled objects with SUPPORT and member end release conditions.

Stiffness parameters -stored in the Analysis&Design model- for member start/endpoints and supports are now available for export. In case of import, they can also be updated in Tekla with their modified values from AxisVM X6

Winkler-Pasternak type line and surface supports

Smaller foundation settlements - less problem

Thanks to the vertical shear stiffness of the Winkler-Pasternak type line and surface supports, stresses and deformations of base plates and strips can be modeled more accurate using AxisVM X6

Predefined window layouts

Change the view quickly and easily using predefined window layouts!

Result visualization on a rendered model

See the world of structural design in color!

7DOF Module

Experience the -7th degree of- freedom in AxisVM

With the new 7DOF module, beams with 7 degrees of freedom can be defined. The 7th degree of freedom represents the warping of the cross-section.

Consideration of the warping effect is important in cases where the members are sensitive to lateral-torsional buckling - especially steel members.

Imperfect geometry generated from buckling shape(s)

The IMP module of AxisVM allows users to account for such geometric imperfections, which can be created by scaling and then superimposing the buckling-mode shapes. The effect of imperfections can be taken into account via a geometrically nonlinear analysis on a load combination, which includes imperfection-type load cases.”


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